Further Debate on Aryan Question – Shamsuzzoha Manik and Shamsul Alam Chanchal

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In reply to the comments of a reader on our essay Rediscovering Indus Civilization and Aryans: Journey to Our Renaissance,” we have responded in brief which has been reproduced here for the interest of all readers. The main content of the letter has been excerpted below:


Firstly, this Aryan invasion theory is overwhelmingly popular amongst Marxist, the opposite number of the colonialists.


Moreover, in the colonial era, it was some of the stalwart Western scholars and historians, who did arduous work to unearth and unravel the glorious ancient civilization of India, to whose eyes, Europe's own heritage was lower than that of India's.


Moreover, as of a  recent report based on computer modeling of linguistics, movement of people (Aryans) from the Anatolian region did occur to spread the so-called Aryan civilization and Indo-European languages -- both eastward as well as westward. The only dispute is that whether that movement occurred peacefully and through violent invasion. Recent evidence points to the peace course.


Our reply to the above mentioned points are as below according to the sequence:


It is the proof of hollowness of the Marxist scholars of India who pursue the theory of Aryan invasion developed by the western scholars at the second half of the nineteenth century. Marxism is itself a western theory like the theory of Aryan invasion in India. To them probably there is no difference between these theories. We have seen that when the Marxists tried to implement Marxism here, they could not realize the social conditions and realities of South Asia. Even today they do not try to understand it. Same thing is repeating in their scholarship also. And practically, they have no pride for the bright heritage of their own land and people. Their blind and mechanical internationalism has become a very good instrument to serve the interests of existing global capitalism and imperialism. With their colonized mind they try to understand the Aryan question also. Incapability to think independently and blind dependence on the western theories of knowledge has pushed these Marxist scholars into an abyss of ignorance. 


When the monumental works by the ancient Indians were discovered, the western scholars had to admit the power of the civilization for its richness in literature and philosophy, which was unparallel in the history of other regions of the world. Admitting the glorious past of India’s civilization does not mean that the western scholars are ready to accept that the ancient Indian people, or more categorically, the people of the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization, are the original Aryans. They want to relate the highly developed literatures to the village communities in ancient India, as if all the highly developed literary and philosophical works had been done by the people living in villages. If they accept that the people of the Indus Civilization are the original Aryans, then they will have to accept the fact that the Aryans of South Asia had civilized the entire Europe and a large part of central and west Asia.


Computer modeling will produce wrong results if the input data are wrong. Input data for the recent theory are produced by scholars who have prejudiced idea on the ancient languages and phonetics. In recent theory the model uses the rate at which words change. Linguists develop the ancient phonetics of many dead languages in many cases based on presumption. So, these may have supplied wrong linguistic input data for the computer model. Furthermore, we can mention that a developed language can evolve only when it passes through a long process of urban civilization. So, a language which was so powerful that overwhelmed many of the indigenous languages of west and central Asia and almost all the languages of the vast region of Europe must have evolved from a long process of urban background. Who can overwhelm others’ culture and languages? Of course, those people who have much more developed culture and language in reality and as a result a genuine pride for it. These factors must have acted to influence deeply and overwhelm other local culture and languages by the migrant Aryan culture and language. If we look at the present day English or any other major languages, we will easily understand how the strength or power of a civilization or society plays role in the development, spread and influence of any language. Language is a product as well as a carrier of a society or civilization. So, how a small group of backward agrarian or pastoral people of Anatolia who had no developed civilization, culture and language could influence so vast a region over the globe? All these attempts by the western scholars and their followers to obscure the original land of the Aryans in South Asia are the mark of the hollowness and deceitfulness of the western mainstream scholarship.

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