About Us

Bangarashtra is the voice of the secularist Bengal and Bengali nation. We the people who believe in the secularist Bengali nationalism as well as in the national rights of other national minorities of Bangladesh have founded this web-site. In spite of the fact that we have awareness for international political perspective, and problems and needs of mankind, right at this moment our main concern is to find out the way to extricate Bangladesh from the enormous social, political and economic problems, which have engulfed it. However, time to time we will express our views on different important international issues.

More than two years have passed since Bangarashtra started its journey on 21 September, 2006. After passing through a period of changes, trials and experiments Bangarashtra has begun its new journey today. We are interested to publish not only the writings of our selected writers, but also the writings including articles, literature, investigative reports, queries and opinions of different writers and readers. We also want to exchange ideas with the people who do not know Bengali, but know English. That is why we have an English section in our web-site. We want to develop our web-site Bangarashtra as a living and dynamic forum. We sincerely seek co-operation from our readers and writers.

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